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Bongde Goma Resort



Situated in an environment of incredible tranquility and serenity, Bongde goma resort gives everyone an experience of what 'heaven on earth' really feels like. Overlooking the busy streets of the Bondey town and surrounded by paddy fields one can well perceive the experience of being a Bhutanese. The lives of Bhutanese are indeed extraordinary and to come and live in their world and experience their lives is assured to be joyous.

An advantage that everybody must look forward to during your stay at the Bongde goma resort is a visit to the 'zangdopelri' which is regarded as the paradise of the great Buddhist saint Guru Rinpochee. The zangdopelri is located at about a distance of 25m from the resort and so it is easily accessible by foot. Apart from the mind-blowing experiences Bongde goma Resort also offers a wide range of services starting from the warm treatment of our guests to offering our wonderful facilities.